MS3-MaxiSpin8 Laboratory Mini Spin Centrifuge

Mini Spin Centrifuge is perfect designed with novel and unique appearance. 

The instrument equipped with combined rotor and several types of tube work for 1.5ml/ 2.0ml / 0.5ml / 0.2ml tubes, 0.2ml x 8 PCR tube strips at the one cycle. 

Mini spin centrifuge is designed user-friendly. Open/close the cover will automatically start/stop the centrifuge. Instrument built-in digital timing function.

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Speed range

6000 rpm


Approx. 2300 xg

Rotor capacity

8 x 1.5/2ml centrifuge tubes

8 x 0,5ml tubes

8 x 0,2ml tubes

2 x 8 x 0.2ml PCR strips

Digital timer set range

1-9999s or touch operation

Working noise

Maximum 45dB


AC 220-230V, 50/60Hz




250V, 1A ,  Ø5x20

Dimentions, WxDxH

156x176x121 mm

Net weight

1.5 kgs

MS3-MaxiSpin8 mini spin centrifuge-ENG-Maxilab Biotechnology.pdf

Rotor for spin centrifuge