MS4-MaxiWash96 Microplate Elisa Washer 

Microplate washer is equipped with liquid position sensor to avoid the washing liquid used up or waste liquid from overflow, minimize the risk and avoid the liquide being sucked into the pump to break the equipment.

Microplate washer includes 3pcs 2.0L washing bottles and 1 pcs 2.0L waste bottle.

Main Features;

       * Large LCD display, menu designed for convenient use

  * Whole plate washing or single strip washing

  * 12-way and 8-way manifold included

  * Low residual volume by two pipettes

  * Complete bottom washing

  * Shaking and dipping function

  * Automatic monitoring of vacuum and pressure ,automatic rinse cycle

  * Flat, V-bottom or U-bottom plate and strips washing

  * Large memory to store up to 48 user programmed wash protocols

  * Emergency stop available and liquid warning

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High brightness LCD


8 key membrane keyboard


8 pins and 12 pins

Wash Mode

Strip mode and plate mode

Washing method

Single and two point

Wash strips

1-12 adjustable

Applicable well

Flat, V-bottom or U-bottom

Washing times

0-99 times adjustable

Dipping time

0-3600s adjustable

Shaking time

 0-600s adjustable

Residual volume


Liquid volume

10-3000ul/well,  increase by 10ul

Sipping time


Storage Capacity

More than 100 user defined wash board procedures

Dimensions; LxWXH


Net weight


Operating Environment

Temperature 5--40, Max humidity 80%

MS4-MaxiWash96 Microplate Elisa Washer-ENG-Maxilab Biotechnology.pdf