MS3-MaxiUV10, UV Transilluminator

UV Transilluminator is mainly used to observe the results of nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) gel electrophoresis and gel cutting operation. It can be widely used in scientific research institutions and enterprises in the fields of molecular biology, molecular geenetics, medicine and health, biological products, agriculture and other research institutes and enerprises in the field of life science research.

Humanized design of the whole machine, yhe Uv protection board can be stepless adjust at any Angle and positioning, to ensure the best protection of ultraviolet light, and does not affect the observation.

Compact sealing structure design ensures that the cutting operation and the cleaning and cutting platform are free of leakage, which greatly reduces the possibility of gel contamination and internal damage caused by leakage, and greatly improves the service life of the ultraviolet cutting instrument.

The special UV filter glass has good permeability to specific wavelenght UV, which can ensure higher detection sensitivity and enhance the signal capture capability of the weak band.

Reasonable structual design and high-quality UV lamp ensure uniform UV light intensity in the detection area of the UV transmission table.

Compact shape, easy operation and sealed structure maket he maintenance of the instrument simpler. Self-contained fan cooling device, extend the service life of the machine.

Single wavelenght standard 302nm UV lamp, and 254nm/365nm multiple wavelenghts or combinations can be selected to match the gel observation of different dyes. Users can choose UV lamps with different wavelenghts according to the experiment need.

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Transmission wavelenght

302nm,254nm,365nm optional. (Standard 302nm)

Filter size

197 x 147 mm


AC 220-230V, 50/60Hz



Dimentions, WxDxH


Net weight

5,4 kgs

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